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The New Information Economy: Simplifying Decision-Making in a World of Excessive Data


n a world where we have more and more information available, making decisions has become an increasingly complicated task. The amount of data that exists today can be overwhelming, and that’s why having preprocessed data becomes essential for decision-making. We will address how experience and artificial intelligence work together to facilitate the process of analysis and decision-making in our agency.

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Part of 7 Cats Studio’s strategic plan is to face these challenges, working on collecting and processing information for our clients, integrating and consolidating data from multiple sources such as:

Our team recognizes the importance of striking a balance between the amount of data provided to decision-makers and the quality of that data to avoid overwhelming them and allowing them to make decisions efficiently.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help in the task of processing and analyzing large amounts of information, but it cannot decide on its own which data is critical for decision-making. This is where human experience comes into play, feeding the AI with prior knowledge and allowing this tool to be even more useful and efficient.

We identify three key elements to face this challenge:

We are working intensively on the use of data warehouses and artificial intelligence technologies to improve reporting and facilitate the delivery of relevant and valuable information to decision-makers so that it is easier for them to make informed decisions. Our vision and mission include becoming the first agency to provide processed data services for decision-making.

In a world where information is increasingly abundant, the ability to decide which data is critical becomes increasingly valuable. We believe that new specialized companies and consultancies will emerge to generate reports that simplify decision-making. Teams made up of these three elements – artificial intelligence, passionate young people, and experienced older individuals – could become a new professional field applicable to virtually any industry and any process.

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