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Bridging Departments: How Financial Reporting in Marketing and Sales Drives Integration in the Enterprise

In this article, we explore how the integration of management, marketing, sales, and finance through financial indicators and reporting can foster collaboration and success within the company. We address the importance of segmentation and data analysis in marketing and advertising, the effective collaboration between marketing and sales, and the active involvement of management in the process.

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The New Information Economy: Simplifying Decision-Making in a World of Excessive Data

Discover how 7 Cats Studio is working to transform decision-making in a world flooded with data. Learn how the combination of artificial intelligence, young creatives, and experienced professionals can simplify the process and improve effectiveness for the benefit of businesses and their clients.

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CRM Perfex: Tools for Project Management

Perfex CRM es un software de gestión de relaciones con el cliente de muchos usos. En este curso se explicará qué es el Perfex, y alguno de sus módulos para así poder crear proyectos, asignar tareas, gestionar leads, entre otras funcionalidades. La lección cuenta con 2 secciones: Primera parte: se explicará qué es un proyecto y cómo se puede crear …

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