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Inbound Marketing

How were sales in Pre-COVID era

How commercial teams worked before this event

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Traditional, limited to personal contact, inefficient in the post-COVID world

Control and CRM

Control and CRM

Mostly paper and excel sheets. If a CRM is present it is not fully used



Sales person has his private database, fields are incomplete or old

Sales mechanics

Sales mechanics

Focus on product charasteristic and not clients real needs


Automate your sales, save time from your commercial agents, add content, use AI


What is Inbound Marketing?

Is a methodology that increase the quantity and quality of leads and sales increasing ROI. It helps your company attract better quality traffic to your website, convert this this into leadsĀ  and constantly nurture your sales team with mature leads.

Inbound marketing consists on creating positive impact valuable experiences in customers and your own company.


Attracting web traffic using relevant and valuable content. Once the visitor reach your site, they interact through conversational tools, like email and chats, delivering long term value promises. Finally you engage them positioning you and your company as an expert and advisor that understand his needs and want to see him thrive and succeed.

The customer journey


Optimize new and old content to attract traffic and increase awareness with blogs, microsites, social networks and own website


Involve public with personalized and unique content focused on the commercial cycle, consulting and website activity


Create multiple points of conversion to adapt campaigns and shorten the time between the first visit and a meeting and presentation

Close the deal

Use traffic and campaign analysis to identify the source of your trafic making easier to understand the lead interests thus increasing the deal closing rate

Which are the benefits

Inbound "Auto-Sale"

Inbound "Auto-Sale"

Creating a well targeted customer journey and valuable contents for your customer, you achieve voluntary consumption and lead maturation process.

Sales Productivity

Sales Productivity

Better control on sales team, tracking of sales process, more conversion, increase of ticket, strategic management of the funnel, etc.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

To generate profiles and purchase probability scores, focusing commercial efforts towards higher potential targets.

Time Reduction

Time Reduction

Leads arrive with a higher level of maturation, thus the sales team has to invest less time on this process. Also, the system auto collects information about the lead

Digital Sale

Digital Sale

The first steps of the sales process happen 100% online without the intervention of a sales person. A lot of information is voluntarily collected from the lead

Service Speeding

Service Speeding

Immediate attention by priority, alerts about lead maturity and more efficient journeys. Results reports to improve the campaing and spending

Plan & deliver

Commercial and marketing Consulting

  • Initial profiling and briefing
  • New reality adecuation consulting
  • Marketing coaching
  • KPI definition and follow up
  • Workspace analyisis

Training: Use of digital and commercial tools

  • Online and offline sales
  • conflict resolution
  • Digital tools use for lead generation, lead nurtiring, etc.
  • Team motivation in the new reality

Personal brand and empowerment of teams

  • Convert any team member into an opinion leader in his area of expertise
  • Generate leads through team members
  • Link digital presence of team members with the company


DAKE | Industrial machinery manufacturer

87% Satisfaction

Since they started using HubSpot, Dake’s customer satisfaction indicator increased by +13pp. It went from 74% to 87% satisfaction.

Response speed

HubSpot makes it easy to achieve exceptional after-sales service. All customer information is on the platform and at hand, facilitating proper communication.

Integrated platform

Migrating to HubSpot allowed us to consolidate all communications to and from each client on a single platform.

Better reporting

Consolidated and categorized information allows you to obtain reports on sources of problems or complaints in a quantified and timely manner. HubSpot makes it easy.

Ellyse Lazarock,
Customer Service Supervisor at Dake

“What I really love about Hubspot is how easy it is to categorize every interaction we do, so I can actually see how many quotes we’ve sent out over the year, how many were for equipment and how many were for parts, how many service calls we’ve handled and things like that.”

“Our goal is to be #1 in Customer Service. We believe it will help us win in our industry. It will differentiate us from our competitors, and Hubspot makes it so much easier.”

“The best thing is that all the KPIs and stats are there in one place, and you can see a prospect’s entire journey. Before, I would have to use ten different apps to show so much information to a customer.”

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