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This is our main contact and test channel. We are going to test a lot of functionalities and services with our insider team. Through this tests, you will learn a lot of the functionalities and services you can offer to your clients.
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Lessons will be online from Friday may 20 at 5 pm with weekly updates.

The first classes

Working together


  1. Methodology overview (OCCM®)
  2. CRM What is Perfex
  3. CRM: Lead management tools
  4. CRM: Project management tools
  5. Google tools: Power user
  6. Introduction to Market Automation (MA)
  7. Chat: What is Mattermost?
Analytics and insights


  1. Google Analytics: Introduction
  2. Google Analytics for Beginners
  3. Advanced Google Analytics
  4. Google Anaytics for power users
  5. Facebook Pixel introduction
  6. Google Data Studio introduction
  7. What is Google Search Console?

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